The Randomness Of Posterity

Every generation has its great books, its key theatre and best films. Theatre is chosen on merit and performance as well as popularity (witness the huge success of ‘Jerusalem’), films have money thrown at them by studios and some stick (so that a film as godawful as ‘This Means War’ can still do respectable business) […]

Missing The Digital Boat

Sorry, this is a bit longer than I intended, but do read on. Before we start, I’m the world’s biggest fan of bookshops, but this subject needs more airing. An interesting little article turns up in ‘Red Herrings’, the crime writers’ journal, about the innate snobbery in e-publishing. The author only publishes online, and argues […]

Technology 1: The End Of The Printed Word

Reports from the Frankfurt Book Fair say that e-book rights sales are rising fast, driven by America. Europe is horrified by the idea of hard-copy books vanishing, publishers are in turmoil, profits are plunging. Except that no-one can see any evidence. The rare early adopter, usually male, well-off and young, can be seen toting an […]