DJ Zebra


I’ve championed Pogo here often for his brilliant blends of cinema and sound, scratch-cut into mash-ups that create new music, a form of creative recycling that’s genuinely innovative. But there are many other types of genre-blending that can be found on online sites, and they’re moving in on the mainstream. DJ Zebra is a French […]

My All-Time Summer Discs

I had no idea that the show ‘Desert Island Discs’ was still going. The last time I tuned in, Roy Plomley was interviewing people who always seemed to choose the Grenadier Guards playing something hideously patriotic. Given that my musical tastes fluctuate whimsically, it’s hard to pull together a definitive top ten for the summer, […]

The Arts & The Internet

I’ve long thought that true creativity is not just about originality; it’s about making connections that others don’t notice. When we were kids it was hard to draw these invisible lines between people and places, objects and ideas. Very rarely someone sprang out of nowhere, fully formed – Mozart, Dickens, Van Gogh – but most […]

Mash For Lunch

I’m trying to finish a short story today and playing some old mash-ups I found on a file disk. DJ Zebra’s still going, apparently, and still finding exact beats to match. And while we’re on the subject (more displacement therapy when I should be working!) how about Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Bang Bang’ mash-up with the Bond […]