Dennis Wheatley

Why Authors Are Forgotten: Part 5

  The project of unearthing these writers became a labour of love that made me new friends around the world, as I tracked them down and heard their stories. I discovered how Walt Disney saved banned European writers, how a bestselling Tibetan monk turned out to be a plumber from Devon and how Alfred Hitchcock […]

How A Pulp Writer Helped Win The War

I’m still researching, peering into the years following the Second World War (it may lead nowhere, but that’s the peril of finding a subject to write about). National defence was very different then. Stories emerge that still defy belief, of fake villages being built as bomb targets and fishermen’s wives knitting sea-mine nets. Coupled with […]

It Came From Behind The Shelf No. 8

Back in the 1930s, supernatural/spy/crime author Dennis Wheatley wrote a series of four novels with JG Links that turned the traditonal whodunnit into an interactive puzzle. They were: Murder off Miami (July 1936) Who Killed Robert Prentice? (June 1937) The Malinsay Massacre (April 1938) Herewith the Clues! (July 1939) It’s never been possible to repeat the formula of these […]

The Devil Rides To Manchester

Tomorrow I’m in Manchester introducing ‘The Devil Rides Out’ on the big screen. In it, Christopher Lee takes a rare heroic turn as scholar and occultist Duc de Richleau, playing him with a dark elegance and intensity, in a trim goatee. He discovers that the son of a war buddy has joined a satanic cult […]