Daily Mail

Slow News Day

Lois Lane went undercover all the time – do you ever hear of a reporter doing that these days? Once newspapers were about data. A report of a war. A summation of a court case. Details of an accident. Before Maxwell and Murdoch destroyed Fleet Street, reporters were required to train for their jobs; you […]

Daily Mail Funnier Than Viz: Official

What’s that incredible high-pitched noise? It sounds like someone trying to drown a weasel in a bath. You know, annoying, urgent and yet strangely ineffectual. Oh, it’s the Daily Mail, shrieking itself into a state of religious ecstasy over immigration. Because the Home Secretary lost a few million immigrants recently. Remember when you came back […]

It Must Be True…

Two men, one eyebrow – Dan & Dan are back with the Daily Mail Song, which I hope by now has become a huge hit with Daily Bigot readers all over the country. Except in Portsmouth, where they’ll try to set fire to it, like they did with pediatricians, thinking they were pedophiles. It must […]