Ten Good Things About Cornwall

1. The stunning, unspoilt beaches. 2. The clotted cream ice-cream cone. 3. Finally, genuinely brilliant restaurants. 4. The clarity of light. 5. No sirens. 6. Surprises around each corner – The Tin Mine Experience! (strapline: ‘More Than Just A Cornish Tin Mine!’) Bee World! The Bonsai Nursery & Japanese Garden! 7. Pubs still filled with […]

Going Scarlet In Cornwall

This weekend I’m in Cornwall, staying at a very clever eco-hotel overlooking a broad sandy beach at Porth Mawgan near Newquay. Having complained about the difficulty of reaching Cornwall for the weekend (a minimum time of five and a half hours by train, six by road or one hour five minutes by air) I decided […]

Beach Culture Shock

From one beach to another, I’m full of cold and back from Greece, which is experiencing climate change in the form of abnormally turbulent weather, and heading to Cornwall for next weekend. I haven’t been there since ‘Straw Dogs’ put me off, but now I believe it’s all Rick Stein restaurants and millionaires’ homes. Certainly, […]

Leaving London

This is the view from the coffee shop I blog from, the excellent Gran Sasso on Cally Rd. The bottom one is where I’m going. Yes, it’s goodbye to King’s Cross for one week and hello to the Aegean, where Europe’s favourite bankrupt holiday playground is just about to enter high season, signified by hotels […]