Christopher Fowler

The Beasts Beneath

Some years ago, I was sitting in a Soho taxi late at night when its driver was violently attacked by two drunk businessmen who walked across his path. I agreed to act as the driver’s witness, but outside the courtroom the police persuaded the plaintiff to drop his case in exchange for cash. The driver […]

Chosen Your Plot Yet?

The launch of the Dead Good and Specsavers #ChooseThePlotcampaign has taken place, and up and down the country people are deciding who I should kill. Following on from Michael Joseph’s success in 2013 with #YouDunnit, a crowd-sourced Twitter novella, this year Specsavers (who do an excellent job of sponsoring crime writers) approached me to tell a story […]

Seeing Double

Some people have classy namesakes. There’s another Christopher Fowler, author, married to the excellent SF writer Pat Cadigan, whom I’m sometimes sat next to at lunches – he’s a very nice chap. But there’s also one that crops up a lot on Google Alerts. This is his latest escapade. Suspect scares girlfriend, hits a pylon […]

The Other Christopher Fowlers

Obviously we all have name-doppelgangers. I know of another Christopher Fowler who’s also a sometime writer – the husband of the excellent author Pat Cadigan sometimes comes along to our writer lunches, although he and I probably have little in common but our names. My Google alerts tend to keep me up to date with […]