Christopher Fowler short stories

Isolation Tales 4: ‘The Most Boring Woman In The World’

So here we go with a fourth short story, this one from fairly early on in my timeline. I’ve never understood quite why this tale has proven to be so popular over the years – it’s been filmed at least three times and often comes up in readers’ conversations. I’ve decided to delay ‘Total Midnight: […]

Isolation Tales 3: The Man Who Wound A Thousand Clocks

I am an obsessive timekeeper. From the windows of my flat I can see two clocktowers in opposite directions, and if I wake in the night I can usually tell the time to within three or four minutes. I am never late for an appointment and get irrationally annoyed with people who are perpetually late. […]

Isolation Tales 2: The Mistake At The Monsoon Palace

Changing the tone from the previous story, which was written very early on in my career, this tale was based on something that actually happened to me in India. It was first published in the collection ‘Red Gloves’ in 2011. The edition was small press, but a very beautiful hardback volume of 25 new stories, […]

Back To Work! Here’s What’s Coming Up…

First, a few details about the book which is landing here in just three weeks’ time… ‘The Lonely Hour‘ is the biggest Bryant & May novel yet, and sees the detectives back in the present day after the sixties romp of ‘Hall of Mirrors’. In fact it picks up right where Wild Chamber ended, with […]