The Censorship Double Standard

Last night’s Frightfest Christmas bash ended with me losing my jacket, keys and a signed book contract on the floor of the Phoenix while ‘Human Centipede’ director Tom Six drank me under the table – he was wearing his trademark white suit and a Stetson, and seemed like the nicest guy in the world, and […]

A Whitehall Whitewash?

The British Government made more requests for content removal from Google last year than any other country in Europe, according to figures released yesterday. Between July and December 2009, Google received 1,166 data requests from British government agencies, of which 59 were requests for content to be removed. Google complied with 76.3 per cent of […]

No Sex Please, We’re Underground

They say a man thinks about sex every seven minutes, but London Underground has long been exercised by the thought of anyone thinking about sex on their platforms. I once spent the night gluing bits of paper over two thousand posters due for London Underground after their board decided it was too risque, and now […]