camden market

London Through Other Eyes

Last weekend I played host to two friends, one from Barcelona, one from Warsaw. They asked me if I would plan ‘a Londoners’ sort of weekend’ for them. It felt like a daunting prospect; I tend to make my plans subconsciously, drifting into alignment with others as the weekend unfolds. Like most central Londoners we […]

London On The Cheap

To counterbalance recent pieces here about the high cost of being in London, I tried London on the cheap over the weekend with some friends, and here’s what we found: First the obvious stuff; it’s down to areas. Avoid the tourist trail if you don’t want to be charged extortionate prices, so forget Knightsbridge, Kensington, […]

The Horses Of Camden

Further to the post below complaining about the lack of craft touches in London, I now have to eat my words. The rebuilt stables at the north end of Camden Market are a sight to behold. Virtually everywhere you turn there are massive bronze statues and friezes of horses, ostlers, stableboys, guardsmen and others whose […]