Bryant & May’s Peculiar London

The Super-Smile Stays

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since my prognosis has been dealing with the loss of my super powers, like walking in a straight line, standing on one leg for more than three seconds and not tripping over a toothpick. My father, a short Norman Wisdom-like man, fell over his own feet all the […]

Write What You Like No.2: What On Earth Was I Thinking?

Fret not, for ‘The Foot on the Crown’ (official title) will be published, although now you have me thinking about splitting it into two volumes. I never write long, which makes me suspicious that I had too much fun with this – probably more than the average reader can stand. (Not, dear fellows, that I […]

A Message From Mr Bryant On Peculiar London

Hullo there. I put my glasses down a minute ago and now I can’t find them. I’ve been asked by Transworld, who are publishing ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ in July, to say something about the capital’s places and its people that we can be proud of (not the lad above, thankfully). What they mean […]

The Never-Ending Story

Imagine writing a book on a subject that fascinates you – a famous sports ground, vintage cars, town planning, movie stars. You research it for years, write it, rewrite and edit and proof it, and after you’ve finished and the book has just gone to press you discover that a new piece of information – […]

‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ Is Officially Volume 21

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ is not a traditional murder mystery like the other volumes in the series but an investigation of an altogether different kind. The suspect is London itself, with the detectives, along with Janice, Meera, Colin, Dan, Sid, Maggie and various other characters […]

Your Cut-Out-N-Keep Bryant & May Plot Guide Part 4

16 Bryant & May HALL OF MIRRORS In which Mr May Spends a Weekend in the Country And Mr Bryant Gives the Game Away   In 1969, ten guests stay in an isolated country house, Tavistock Hall, for the weekend, but one of them is harbouring thoughts of murder… Young detectives Bryant & May are […]

Bryant & May Are Stepping Out Into The City

When it came to positioning the next Bryant & May book, I and the Transworld team faced a dilemma; ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’ is neither a novel nor a collection of short stories, but it has all of the characters you’d expect in a B&M adventure. Nor was it a guide book. Its contents […]

What Comes Next

The state of play, as of March 3, is that my new thriller ‘Hot Water’ is out, although I still haven’t seen a copy of it. Next up is ‘Bryant & May’s Peculiar London’, being launched on July 14, which I’m shortly to start line-editing. The finished cover is by Max Schindler, the Bryant & […]

More On The New Bryant & May

The pitch was this: ‘Instead of a traditional Bryant & May novel, what if I used my knowledge of London to have the detectives talk about the city’s history, along with their guests, Janice, Colin, Meera, Maggie Armitage and a host of others?’ I thought there would be resistance to the idea and approached the […]

Bryant & May Are Back In July

How are they back? I hear you ask. Has he cheated us? No, I haven’t. For 20 books, London has been a central character in the Bryant & May series, so I decided that the detectives’ next investigation should be of London itself. And that this investigation has been going on – in a sort […]