Bryant & May

Please Miss, I’ve Finished.

Can I get down from the table now? I’ve just finished the new Bryant & May novel, and have rather surprised myself with the ending. I think you’ll be surprised too. Perhaps I should do the Stephen King thing of having a fag and a drink, but I don’t smoke and it’s too early for […]

St Pancras Coroner: A True Story

He’s young, he’s posh, he’s got a creepy assistant, it’s Giles Kershaw, a recurring character in the Bryant & May novels who has recently become the coroner for the parish of St Pancras (for photos of that establishment, see articles passim). And now it turns out that he has a real-life precedent. My great friend […]

Bryant & May: The Verdict

I’m still reeling from this. Random House, my excellent US publisher, has just announced that it is going to let me continue with the Bryant & May books, and rebrand them to gain a bigger readership. No word from the UK yet, but I’m hoping that they may now follow suit. The next volume will […]

The Fate Of Bryant & May

It’s crunch time. The Bryant & May series has been hanging in the balance for some months now. The problem is simple; although the books do nicely they’re not blockbusters, and in credit-crunch times everyone is looking for Big Books. Bryant & May are ‘genre’, because mystery is genre, while crime is mainstream. I don’t […]