Bryant & May: London’s Glory

Lucifer’s Writers

What do the following names have in common? Winston Churchill, Raymond Chandler, John Lennon, Muriel Spark, JB Priestley, Bram Stoker, F Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, Daphne Du Maurier, Noel Coward, HG Wells, Robert Louis Stevenson. Answer: They all wrote short stories. Some were macabre and fantastical, some involved detectives or ghosts, some were pulpy and […]

Arthur & Alma At Breakfast

Sometimes when I’m writing the Bryant & May mysteries I forget the sheer amount of conversational detail that has gone before in earlier novels, so today I selected a chapter at random and read it back, to see if the characters had shifted away from where I intended them to be – I’m delighted to […]

Autumn Schedule: London Insights

  As summer ends I’ll shortly be heading home and spending some time with something I need to catch up on: London. There are a few experiences in the city that I haven’t tried for a while, so I’ll be visiting institutions, tourist attractions and secret places to see what London in the Phoney War […]

Burning & Glorious Today!

So, what happened was this. Wrote a Bryant & May novel called ‘Full Dark House’. Had it rejected by Little, Brown (Little, Brown bought z-celeb biography for a mint instead, lost shirt) Took book to Transworld. They liked it, commissioned two. Those broke even, so they commissioned another. (Repeat another eight times) Published ‘The Burning […]

First Look at London’s Glory

On November 5th, ‘Bryant & May: London’s Glory’ comes out in hardback to coincide with the paperback release of ‘The Burning Man’ – which is set on Guy Fawkes Night (see what Transworld did there?). It’s a book I’d been meaning to write since Volume 10 of the series, a sort of Conan Doyle-ish compendium […]