Bryant & May and the Burning Man

Oddments Of 2015

What happened this year? London got a Triffid street, Apple brought out a watch nobody seems to want and a number of the capital’s less-known attractions closed down, like the Type Museum and the De Morgan Foundation Collection of antiquities – but are they actually gone? Attractions seem reluctant to announce their closure and the […]

My Bumper Spring Of Publications

Due to a slight miscommunication with my publisher it seems that the mass market edition of ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ is appearing on February 25th, just before the hardback arrival of ‘Bryant & May: Strange Tide’, the detectives’ mystery concerning strange deaths on the Thames, and the novel which will solve the […]

Burning & Glorious Today!

So, what happened was this. Wrote a Bryant & May novel called ‘Full Dark House’. Had it rejected by Little, Brown (Little, Brown bought z-celeb biography for a mint instead, lost shirt) Took book to Transworld. They liked it, commissioned two. Those broke even, so they commissioned another. (Repeat another eight times) Published ‘The Burning […]

Now We Are Twelve: The Secret History Of Bryant & May

When the first Bryant & May book was written as a stand-alone novel for the publishers Little, Brown it was turned down. To be fair to them, they had supported an author who seemed unable to settle into any style or genre, who threw all their attempts to pigeonhole or create a fanbase. They had […]

Bryant & May and the Burning Man

Pyrophobia   The match sizzled, flared and settled to a soft yellow flame. It was touched to the branches that had been hacked from the surrounding ash trees, and soon the inferno roared and leapt upwards, orange sparks pulsing into the starry black sky. Behind the spitting, crackling forest a man was caged within its […]

Can Quantity Still Have Quality?

Someone I hadn’t caught up with for a while said to me, ‘So, you’re still churning out those Bryant & May books are you?’ I pointed out that yes, mystery novels were one type of book I write, although there were many others. He said; ‘Then why do you bother with the crime stuff? They’re […]

What It Would Take To Turn Bryant & May Into A TV Series

We’re ‘in discussion’. My people are talking to their people. We’re running a few ideas up the flagpole and seeing who salutes. I get to play this game every couple of years. As my detective duo approach their twelfth full-length novel, I realise how much of the past decade I’ve spent discussing the idea of […]

Next Bryant & May ‘Not Killing Off A Minor Character’

I suspect that somebody, somewhere (possibly in the US) saw the manuscript of ‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’, and leaked the story’s new direction. However, they had the good grace to hold something back. So no, I’m not ‘doing a Springfield’ and killing off Crusty the Clown’s father – there are some real […]

‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ Gets An Early Launch

Bryant & May 12; The Burning Man, or Bryant & May and the Burning Man, if you prefer – it makes no odds – has been an utter delight for me to write, and in many ways feels like the most rounded volume yet, even though the ending may prove a tad upsetting for some. […]