Brick Lane

Three Taboos 2

Our next taboo concerns ghettoised writing. As someone who prefers inclusivity at any cost, I now feel impatient with the ghettoisation of certain types of literature; women’s writing, gay writing and to a lesser extent black writing, only because I find it hard to read about any section of the population in isolation from any […]

London On The Cheap

To counterbalance recent pieces here about the high cost of being in London, I tried London on the cheap over the weekend with some friends, and here’s what we found: First the obvious stuff; it’s down to areas. Avoid the tourist trail if you don’t want to be charged extortionate prices, so forget Knightsbridge, Kensington, […]

Concentrated People

Last year, I was in Brick Lane when a young woman called Jessie Brennan was preparing an art project. In the project she asked volunteers to sit opposite her and we would each draw the other’s face under the table, so we couldn’t see what we were drawing. A few minutes later we compared our […]

Always True To You In My Fashion

Well, London Fashion Week is over, so no more climbing through crowds of stick-people with asymmetrical haircuts standing smoking outside grand buildings tarted up with neon tubes. Here we see a model showing us what it would look like if people decided to start dressing like small spoiled dogs. The straw that broke my camel’s […]

Hot Day, Brick Lane

The East End’s mad Brick Lane is probably not the best place to be on a baking Sunday in London, but it’s certainly fun. Here’s a random selection of stuff that happening around me. This chap to the left had a naval theme going on, with the cool admiral’s chapeau, possibly a tribute to the […]