Breaking Bad

A Writer Chooses TV Drama

It’s tough watching TV when you know the tricks other writers use to grab your attention. It makes ‘Game of Thrones’ unwatchable, waiting for the next violent or sexual confrontation beat to come up with the regularity of a metronome, but at least it can be viewed as trashy fun. ‘The Following’, in which a […]

Something Strange Is Happening To What You Watch

In the century since the major film studios first settled in Hollywood, audiences have never demanded more video than they do today. In 2014, we watched an average of 163 hours of video content per month (17 hours more than in 2007). But despite the proliferation of content, consumption and access, the value of the home […]

Sort Of Great

Yeah, I know it’s been seen by millions already but it’s sort of great.

It’s Going To Be A Box-Set Christmas

It’s been a strange year for film, with mainly weak blockbusters, no decent Hollywood comedies and no strong horror movies. A further retreat into sequels and reboots has set the pattern for the future, and only Universal is doing something fresh, ditching the 30 year-old idea of the tentpole release to concentrate on a smaller, […]

What Made This The Most Successful Show Of All Time?

Writers are fascinated by good stories, and are forever trying to analyse their structure to understand why lightning strikes, but perhaps the answer is simpler than we realise. I resisted watching ‘Breaking Bad’ for a long time because the subject matter didn’t seem that appealing (terminal cancer patient starts drug dealing), and had to be […]

How TV Beat Film To The Water Cooler

For decades television was the poor cousin to film, but how times have changed. When was the last time you heard anyone discussing a movie at the office coffee station? How did cinema get sidelined in favour of television shows? For the answer to that, you have to go back to the birth of cable […]