How To Build A Bookshop

Bookstores in London seem to be doing a healthy trade these days, but obviously not all are, and in other countries many are struggling to make ends meet. Posted on Hackernews were ideas for saving some US independent bookshops suggested by readers. They included some of the ones below, to which I’ve added further ideas; […]

PageRipper 1: Readers & Bookshops

As Annie hasn’t yet taken up her guest blogspot, I thought I’d do a new occasional list of thoughts here. 1. First, Fiona writes; ‘I thought I’d mention that you are quite good looking. I shall have to find time to drop everything else and read your books.’ This strikes me as one of the […]

Sinister Cecil

Cecil Court is known to book lovers as one of the most delightful streets in London. It’s just about the last one to be entirely filled with arcane bookshops, although I daresay Costa Coffee is probably trying to wedge its way in. It’s not about coffee down here, it’s about reading, and to help it […]

Bits Of London That Don’t Change

Not strictly true, this, as some nasty new shops are shoving their way into a once-unbroken parade of bookshops on Charing X Road, so that there’s now a Subway (who eats there? It’s always deserted), a hairdressers, a shoe shop (oh good, we need more shoe shops), and dear God a TK Maxx (Chav togs). […]

How Do You Choose A Book?

I’m drowning in books. The TV hasn’t been on in weeks – months – I’m reading four books at once and still can’t keep up. Why? Because I’m reviewing them as well as trying to keep on top of my chosen personal reading, and also researching my own novel. Press space is more limited than […]