I’m Trying To Read A Book!

Yes, you’re a tourist and you stop at the top of the stairs in the tube entrance to look up at the building opposite and get your bearings, but you stop so suddenly that I barrel into you because I’m TRYING TO READ A BOOK. I understand I agreed to go ice-skating with you of […]

Story Tricks No. 3: Beauty From The Bad

As a writer who regularly crosses genres, I find this tip holds true in everything from satire to science fiction, but it’s especially true of crime and horror. Every week crime books pile up on my doorstep about mutilated corpses, alcoholic coppers, crazed serial killers and nightmarish environments. Among the darkest as the school of […]

Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops

This is the title of a book culled from a website by Jen Campbell, and is the kind of slim volume you find beside the till – but it’s also a testament to the patience and resourcefulness of put-upon booksellers when faced with the utter idiocy of customers whose reading is limited to Jeremy Clarkson […]

Still More London Books

This month I limited myself to just three London book purchases as there are suddenly a drillion new titles out there. First up is ‘Another London’, a wonderful collection of highly evocative photographs taken between 1930 and 1980, largely featuring ‘outsiders’ – street life, ethnic residents, the elderly, the poor, priced £16.99. Then there’s ‘London […]

When Fat Was Fat

He was the most prolific author in history, so why have you never heard of him? Owen Conquest, Martin Clifford, Ralph Redway, Winston Cardew and Peter Todd were authors with something in common; they were alter-egos of the writer Charles Hamilton, born into a large family in 1876. Tales of schooldays and derring-do filled the […]

Miscellany 3: Celebrity & Vocabulary

1. ‘Trampire’ is apparently the noun coined to describe the now reviled Kristen Stewart by the very people who hysterically typed ‘Hater!’ into these comment sections a few weeks back (see picture), since she went public on the cheating of ‘Lurch’ R-Patz. The Times describes the upcoming nightmare of now having the two of them […]

A place where one can comment generally on Christopher Fowler’s books, without interrupting an incomprehensible thread

Here you go, Annie, knock yourself out. Annie Morgan (related to Alan? I’m forming a 3D map of my readers) asked for a comment spot, and in the absence of anywhere else to do so – my web designed having mysteriously vanished – you might like to have a bash here. Today’s picture is by […]

Written On Water

There will come a time when we’ve forgotten what books did. Probably soon after EL James wins the Booker. Here’s a reminder – it’s a fountain in Budapest.

Stop Me Before I Write Again

The other day it occurred to me that I was blogging too much. I’m definitely spending too much time on the inter webs doing social networky. It has now spread to seven days a week and I have no life. Today, however, I finished a new book – a standalone thriller that I’m really hoping […]

A Small Joy

A London Sunday in mid-June, the weather threatening one moment, humid the next. After a luncheon at The Jugged Hare of bath chaps and langoustine, and a stroll through the arboretum in the Barbican, I find myself in St Giles-Without-Cripplegate, in the City of London, still one of the most deserted places you could be […]