The Invisible Code Is Nearly Cracked

I’m just putting the finishing touches to ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’, the tenth volume in the series. It’ll be bigger than recent volumes, because there’s a lot to get through, and will be published by Transworld on August 1st 2012. Here’s a jacket synopsis; Two children play a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’, and […]

The London Panoramas

English Heritage have just published what might be the mother of all London books. At £40, the immense and barely liftable volume catalogues London’s working life, its wealth, workplaces, poverty and ability to change in monochrome photographs from 1870 to 1945. Some of the photographs appear to show entirely alien landscapes. Residents peer out from […]

Ladies & Gentlemen

The sequel to ‘Boys & Girls’, ‘Men & Women’ is a collection of new short stories and essays which contains an uncollected piece by me entitled ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’. Glasshouse Books is publishing the new anthology on 14 July 2011. Edited by Time Out’s Paul Burston, Men & Women features the best in new and […]

The Portable Office

A new survey has revealed that on average Londoners carry £3,000 worth of gadgetry in their bags to work, including laptops, mobiles, car radio faceplates, music players, portable games consoles, Satnavs, Blackberrys etc. No mention of a book, but there’s always an eReader to contend with – except that so far commuters seem resistant to […]