Bernard Herrmann

The Theme Tune To ‘Bryant & May: The Series’

No, there’s not a series yet – although the option has been picked up by a TV production company – but in the meantime a very nice chap called Des Burkinshaw has written the theme tune for a Bryant & May TV series. I was just in the middle of writing a piece about theme […]

Favourite Soundtracks No.1: ‘Isabel’

Now that I’ve mastered the posting of chunks from my own soundtrack collection, I thought you might like a little accompanying music every now and again (yes, this site caters for all your needs. I’d feed you if I could. I’m a natural nurturer. Please tell your friends). So, themes in motion pictures – they’re […]

My Unhealthy Obsession With Film Music

It’s out of control now. I can’t help myself. I’ve always played film music while I write, but recent developments have forced me to take stronger measures than ever before, like an addict moving up to crack. I’d always had it under control. Okay, my soundtrack collection, which began when I was, oh, 10 years […]

Huxley, Herrmann and Humanity

In 1979, a CBS broadcast of Aldous Huxley’s dark, dystopic novel ‘Brave New World’ was issued as an LP, narrated by the author and staged as a radio play, with music links by Bernard Herrmann. It’s worth listening to Huxley’s comments at the start, because he suggests that although the book is set 600 years […]