Bermondsey Market

London, All Change

Everything has moved around or changed out of recognition Built on the site of the old Bermondsey Abbey, the Bermondsey Market was a thing of wonder, sprawling into the backstreets and surrounding warehouses. You have to get up very early on a Friday morning to go there, and even many Londoners have no idea it’s […]

The Wonderful World Of Stolen Goods

Eek! The Hidden Victorian Mothers are back! (see earlier post) And I don’t like the cut of that blond kid’s jib, either, he looks like a young Edgar Allen Poe. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether the children are dead, but I think people are confusing two entirely separate types of photograph. It […]

Hidden London: Bermondsey Market

Around this time of the year I entertain thoughts of visiting Bermondsey market. The problem is that you have to get up very early to do it. Situated on the other side of Tower Bridge, it has become a shadow of itself in the last decade, thanks to rampant property development. It’s also a parking […]