Arthur Bryant

‘Bryant & May and the Burning Man’ Gets An Early Launch

Bryant & May 12; The Burning Man, or Bryant & May and the Burning Man, if you prefer – it makes no odds – has been an utter delight for me to write, and in many ways feels like the most rounded volume yet, even though the ending may prove a tad upsetting for some. […]

The Real Arthur Bryant

Further to the post about Arthur Bryant writing in the Daily Telegraph in 1953, reader Marc sets me on the trail of the gentleman himself, who turns out to be a knight. According to Wikipedia: Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant, CH, CBE (18 February 1899 – 22 January 1985) was a British historian and a […]

The Return Of Mr Bryant

Some authors wax lyrical about the process of writing and speak of scenes coming alive and characters leaping off the page. I’ve always been allergic to that kind of talk, and in fact rarely discuss my personal methods at all. But something happened yesterday that I wanted to share, because to me this is the […]