Amy Winehouse

Abney Park Cemetery

Those with long memories may recognise the above photograph, as the angel featured is on the cover of ‘Darkest Day’. My last post mentioned this non-conformist cemetery in Stoke Newington’s main shopping area. At its centre is Europe’s long-standing non-denominational chapel, currently derelict. It sets the tone for the mossy, damp, gloomy yet distinctly urban […]

Mad Amy

It feels too long since we’ve had a song, and to remind ourselves how utterly wonderful Amy Winehouse was and what a sadder place the world is without her, here’s a reminder that she could shine through even singing one note in a rather kicky mash-up with Madcon’s Beggin’…

Back To Rehab For The Final Time

It’s very sad that Amy Winehouse is dead, and I hope the family don’t blame themselves, as I’m sure they tried everything they could to get her back on track. It’s particularly sad because she was a one-off talent, not somebody famous’s daughter. Usually we have to put up with Talent Trickledown, the system by […]