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Yet More Creepy Amusements

My obsession with creepy things in glass cases has been further fuelled by my mate Porl, who has found some more on Southport pier, including what appears to be a Madame Blavatsky model straight out of ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’. He’s also found a ‘Grip Test’ of one’s manhood upon which […]

Trains From Hell

Here’s another fantasy train that would have made a great cover for my Gothic thriller ‘Hell Train’, this one spotted on the side of a Spanish funfair ride. I still prefer Graham Humphries’ take on it, though. Unlike British funfair rides, European ones offer real value for money and seem to last for about twenty […]

More Creepy Amusements

Last year I posted some creepy amusements from the Prater in Vienna. Now my ‘Eyes In The North’ Porl Cooper has spotted this Victorian Jolly Jack Tar at the end of Southport pier, and pointed out how much it looks like the one that features in the story ‘Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside […]

Fairground From Hell

I posted about the creepiest amusement park I’d ever been to last year, but Shijingshan Amusement Park appears to be a close second. It looked far too similar to parts of Disney theme parks, so it had to die. Its characters bore strong resemblances to Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, although typically their Snow White […]