Alfred Hitchcock

Invisible Ink 9: Stacy Aumonier

There’s something twinkling and Christmassy and resolutely English about Stacy Aumonier. His ‘Extremely Entertaining Short Stories’ feel as if they should be read aloud by a roaring fire. Why is he so little known? He was born near Regent’s Park into a family of craftsmen and artists in 1877, and reached 51 before dying of […]

Crazy Ladies

The postwar years were a golden time for the suspense thriller, climaxing in ‘Psycho’. There was also a slew of wonderful novels from American women, many of whom I’ve discussed in my ‘Invisible Ink’ column. A number of Hammer thrillers with titles like ‘Scream of Fear’ and ‘Nightmare’ were produced, mostly shot around the familiar […]

The Strange Story of ‘The Birds’

I greatly enjoyed Stephen King’s  ‘Salem’s Lot’ and ‘The Shining’, but found much of the rest of his prose too eager to please, too Gawk-Tousle-And-Shucks for my tastes. I wasn’t long out of school, I was heavily into Dickens and Waugh, and would have simply placed King in the cool holiday reading category if critics […]

Re:View – ‘The Girl’

Poor Toby Jones. First he gets to star in the other version of Truman Capote’s story in ‘Infamous’, and now he gets the other Hitchcock biography. But where Sasha Gervasi’s ‘Hitchcock’ retold the making of ‘Psycho’ with elegance and élan, journeyman director Julian Jarrold’s ‘The Girl’ is a one-note hatchet job that works hard to […]

The Cheats’ Guide To Crime Movies

There comes a moment in ‘The Dark Knight’ when you realise you’ve been tricked into watching a different film. Batman has been given an impossible choice by the Joker. He can save the woman he loves, or the man who is Gotham’s only future hope. Suddenly you realise this isn’t a superhero movie at all, […]