Alastair Sim

Neglected Films No.3: ‘The Happiest Days Of Your Life’

If there was an award for the most charming film ever made, this would be high on the list; it was produced in 1950 but looks and feels as if it had been concocted in 1925. A perky new teacher arrives at Nutbourne College, to be shown around by a sarcastic, cynical Richard Wattis, who […]

British Character Actors No.4: Alastair Sim

He was nobody’s idea of a favourite uncle, that’s for sure, but Alastair Sim was a lot sweeter than he looked. With an undertaker’s lugubrious stare and a curious way of rolling his Rs, he became one of the most beloved character actors in Britain, especially when he edged his role with something slightly sinister, […]