Alan Sillitoe

Our Friends In The North

You know the North, it’s where all the bad people live. ‘Winter is Coming’. France is stuck with Brittany, Spain with the Basques. But whisper the heresy…in England it’s not actually very grim up North. The weather yes, obviously, but it seems to me that many Northern writers got stuck with a hometown tag they […]

Southern Jessies: Try Going North!

A grim statistic surfaced in the press this week; for every 12 new jobs created in the South, there’s 1 job lost in the North of England. This is after a much-fanfared promise of devolution to city regions which proved such a hot topic in national and local government, when chancellor George Osborne set out […]

R.I.P. Alan Sillitoe

One of my great heroes, Alan Sillitoe, an Angry Young Man of British fiction, died at Charing Cross hospital in London today, aged 82. Sillitoe is survived by his wife, the poet Ruth Fainlight, his daughter Susan and son David. Sillitoe worked in a bicycle factory in his native Nottingham before serving in the RAF. […]