AA Gill

‘Readers, Not Critics, Determine A Book’s Fate.’

Wristwatches. Cufflinks. Neckties. Tea-cosies. Newspaper critics. What do they all have in common? They’re all still available long after their original need to exist has vanished. The future is never quite the future. Much of the past clings to it; retinal-display phones exist in the same world as letter-openers. For over 200 years newspapers provided […]

Ten Things London Can Do Without In 2010

1. More tapas bars It was bad enough when they were only Spanish, offering the cuisine that consists of eggs, ham or potatoes on little plates, but now ‘tapas’ is being applied to everything. Nearby we have Mexican, Indian and Italian tapas. I’m waiting for Dim Sum to be rebranded as Chinese tapas. 2. ‘The […]