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A Writer’s Life: Why You Need A Good Editor

In today’s world has everywhere been written about? I’ve read novels set in North Korea and among ancient tribes. What about the modern state of how we live now in the UK, our relationships and confusions, and the way in which ‘career portfolios’ replace traditional jobs? US novelists write state-of-the-nation books very well, but we […]

A Writer’s Life No.6: Dropping Through The Glass Floor

In this month’s issue of ‘Black Static’ magazine, the genre author Stephen Volk releases an angry polemic about what looks to be an increasingly disastrous future for writers. Having just returned from dealing with the BBC executives, he points out that their training managers – brought in to teach them how to make decisions (as […]

A Writer’s Life No.5: Keeping An Ear Open

I overheard this on the tube yesterday. ‘I was hosting a health talk show, sort of like Dr Miriam Stoppard, and I’d taken so many pills I had no idea what I was saying.’ ‘Oh? I trod on her foot once, you know.’ I love overhearing odd snippets of conversation. Joe Orton was famous for […]