A Blast Of A Bond Theme

To that list of people who have been there through most of our lives that I published a few days ago should be added ‘James Bond’. It seems he was always there, first in very sexy little collectable mass-marker paperbacks (which are now collectors’ items), then as films. I still own the ‘volcano’ poster for […]

Six Things You Didn’t Know About My Books

Here’s the first of a couple of columns about things that crossed my mind as I was wandering through Bloomsbury today, nearly getting hit by buses. They’re details you probably don’t know, and certainly didn’t need to know; 1. James Bond might be the Devil. In my upcoming memoir ‘Film Freak’ there’s a story about […]

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond @ The Barbican

Designing 007 @ The Barbican, an exhibition of fifty years of James Bond clothes, sets and gadgets from all of the films is currently running in London. It’s a terrific show, featuring everything from Odd Job’s lethal hat to Ursula Andresss’s white bikini. There’s Ian Fleming’s gold typewriter, in a room filled with golden objects […]