A Rare Glimpse Of London

This was footage found in Australia, showing London life in 1904 – it’s slightly too fast, but one of the best clips I’ve ever seen about ordinary Londoners. Watch out for the train in the end shot, crossing Fleet Street. 

Those Crazy Folks At Amazon

  In my inbox this morning: Dear Amazon.com Customer, We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover have also purchased Winky’s Horse on DVD.  Obvious, really, to link a neo-Jacobean revenge drama in which naked lovers are locked in a truck filled with rotting meat before one of them is cooked […]

Go Here…

The British Fantasy Society is hosting its annual Christmas party on December the 5th in a Fleet Street pub. You can mingle with authors, publishers, readers and win prizes – check it out under ‘Events’ here  

Hear Here…

If you’d like to hear me discussing crime and inspirations for ‘The Victoria Vanishes’, go here: The Victoria Vanishes Audio Interview

Watch Here…

I’ve always let students make short films from my stories, because I love to see what they come up with, but I’ve never been very good at pointing out where you can find these filmed versions. Hopefully, I’l be able to put this right, starting here. About a dozen different shorts are currently floating about the […]

Unexpected London 2

There are more than seven and a half million people living in London. I live just under a mile and a half from Piccadilly Circus. This was the scene across the road from my home at 9:00am this morning. This is for the couple I met on Saturday night who complained they would never live […]

End Of The World Isn’t Very Interesting

  The Tate Modern is currently having an apocalypse. I’d tell you who the artist is, but their messy website isn’t easy to decipher. You’re in a shelter full of pristine yellow and blue bunk beds. Each one has an SF book on it, and there are End Of The World clips running, and the […]

Latest Additions…

You’ll find new ‘Forgotten Authors’ top right, and another new chapter from ‘Paperboy’.

Competition Results!

Well, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so let’s call the competition closed and take a look at those ‘Missing Case’ competition entries… You all came up with cases that Bryant & May would be proud to investigate, but in first place it has to be Maureen Stanton’s The Belles of Westminster, a Peculiar Crime with a smart fifties […]

Mike Leigh’s Buildings

  This hard-to-find block of flats is the last of the row that appeared in Mike Leigh’s hilarious film ‘High Hopes’. It’s tucked behind the German Gymnasium next to St Pancras, and doesn’t look long for this world. Below is a pub in Finsbury that deserves to be in a Mike Leigh film – a […]