Serial Killer Returns To Covent Garden

Today is the Annual Puppet Fair at Covent Garden’s actors’ Church, St Paul’s. Parade is at 10:am and the shows go on all afternoon – (all together now) ‘That’s the way to do it!’

The French Films You Never See In London

Not every French film is about an angsty bourgeois family being sarcastic and shagging in a chateau. There are lots of action movies teeming with product placement and stupid car chases that we simply don’t see. This is one of my favourites. In ‘Le Boulet’ our hero has to retrieve a winning lottery ticket from […]

Hell Train Arriving!

I’ve always had a great love of horror films and books, and although it’s early days here’s a sneak preview of a project I’ve been working on for some time, courtesy of master horror artist Graham Humphreys. Hell Train should be roaring into the station early next year…

London Pubs No.1: The Cheshire Cheese

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese at 145 Fleet St was well known in the 17th century, and many pubs have previously occupied this site. One of them, the Horn Tavern is recorded in 1538. The earliest incarnation was a guest house belonging to a 13th century Carmelite Monastery, and the pub’s vaulted cellars are thought to […]

London Trivia 2.8

Who is this, and where can you find him? (He didn’t like being depicted in the nude, so we bought it and rather gallingly gave it to the one person he would least have appreciated owning it)

Mysterious Events

Over the years, the Bryant & May novels have been nominated for quite a few awards, and have won several – next, they’re up for the Last Laugh Award at Bristol Crimefest (May 14-17), a prestigious international event for all mystery fans that you can find out about here. Meanwhile in the USA, independent mystery […]

Inner Calm In King’s Cross

This old engine shed is currently home to an installation by William Forsyth… Each afternoon, thousands of suspended white balloons gently sway and change colour in the dying light, as ethereal music fills the immense space. The free event ends tomorrow.

Big Stars In Local News

Once small towns and neighbourhoods appeared in their local press because their gardeners had grown giant marrows, or because the crossing lady was retiring. Now, celebrity culture has even invaded here. I can imagine the scene in the press room. ‘Get rid of the garden fete story – this is big!’

London Trivia 2.4

I’ve always been fascinated by the passageways of underground London. Here are a couple of shots of a place beneath the streets in a very busy area of London. Any clues as to where it is?

Scotland Yard’s Black Museum

This goes over familiar ground, but it’s a pretty decent TV programme about the Black Museum, offering some case histories and an overview of the place where over 400 items instrumental to the capture of murderers are on display. It was opened in 1874 to be used for police training purposes, and is now called […]