London; Good, Bad & Seriously Ugly

So I’m walking from Regent’s Park to Camden and thinking, ‘Nice spring day, who needs to go to Japan to see blossom?’ And I come over the bridge, reminding myself that on a weekday, when Camden’s not full of mooching Norwegian Goths being sold fake magic mushrooms, the area’s not so bad… And I see […]

What Writers Do

Every now and again people complain about having to wait for a new book to come out. I think I’m a fairly typical writer, with the usual kind of workload. Here’s what I’m up to this week. (Activities with asterisk denote paid work, usually small amounts) Column for Independent on Sunday* Book review* Columns for […]

Stewart Lee’s Back…

…in a new comedy vehicle called Comedy Vehicle. Just to remind you of his laconic, dry attitude to stand-up, here’s a brief moment from an earlier set.

Fun With Sheep

Yes, I know it’s been on the web a lot this week but the ending is adorable, and it gives the Welsh something to do other than hanging around fishing villages posing for jigsaw lids or rejecting Zaha Hadid’s brilliant designs for the Cardiff Opera House.

London’s A Beach

As the warm weather continues, London residents thoughtfully place mattresses on street corners for sunbathers. Meanwhile, the photo below depicts a sand-sculptor making some kind of vegetarian statement involving a chained pig and a barbecue. The interesting thing about this is that it’s not at the coast but on the beach of the Thames yesterday, […]

Egg-Shaped Happiness!

Writing ‘Paperboy’ was a bit of a memory feat for me, requiring me to trawl through everything that influenced my childhood. Some stuff I’d liked to have included didn’t make the cut – if ‘Paperboy’ had been an eBook maybe I could have embedded illustrative videos into the chapters – in which case I’d certainly […]

Covers That Didn’t Make It

This was the cover originally designed for my anthology ‘Demonised’. The burning man is the excellent gentleman who designed this site. The publisher didn’t like it, but I still do.

Bryant & May Return In Two-Book Deal

Coming this summer, ageing detectives Bryant & May are out on the London streets solving a murder that’s tied to the secrets of London property, but they’ll be back the following year in ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’, investigating a bizarre death that occurs on the oldest underground system in the world. Expect strange […]

Chasing Sheep

I always write with music playing. Today I’m hard at work on the new Bryant & May mystery when I’d rather be out in the sunshine, so I need some Michael Nyman to keep me going. I’ve seen Mr Nyman perform this piece many times live, and sometimes it gets to such a speed that […]

Because It’s Warm Enough Now

Thanks to global warming, summer seems to have started early in London. At Shoreditch House yesterday, some addled media-types were actually swimming in the rooftop pool (although one women sported an amusing swimsuit/ knitted beanie combo), and I donned the first mutton-dressed-as-mutton T-shirt of the year. Looking for jolly new T’s online I found these.