Because It’s Warm Enough Now

Thanks to global warming, summer seems to have started early in London. At Shoreditch House yesterday, some addled media-types were actually swimming in the rooftop pool (although one women sported an amusing swimsuit/ knitted beanie combo), and I donned the first mutton-dressed-as-mutton T-shirt of the year. Looking for jolly new T’s online I found these.

Tough Mothers

London’s a tough city. Braving the mean streets to look for a Mother’s Day gift for the old bat, I came across this. Or why not take her to the Barbican, where, for reasons that escape me, a ‘Nippy’ waitress from the 1940s was serving tea on stilts (she was on stilts, not the tea).

And in local news…

A friend of mine mails me shots of miserable local headlines. I’m particularly fond of the succinctly ghastly ‘Yardie Torches Tot’, the typical ‘Fine Weather Ahead: Met Issues Warning’ and ‘Cally Rd Chipshop Sells Cocaine’.

The Musical Horror Continues….

A friend has tracked down another nightmarish Meat-skewer-through-the-eardrum track from the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Play here

The Great Pub Fightback – What You Can Do

It’s official; 39 British pubs close each week. According to the British Beer and Pub Association, the pub is dying out faster each year and will have completely vanished in less than thirty years, due less to the smoking ban than beer tax and property development. Meanwhile, London is replacing the pub with something else; […]

Blogging Officially An Illness.

I was warned this would happen – first it was the odd post, but then you encouraged me. I became – tainted. Soon I was posting several times a day, and that wasn’t enough. I added photos. Then movie clips. Now I’m thinking of camcording and mixtaping. But you can do something. Turn away. Let […]

The World’s Worst Video

The World’s Worst Orchestra

When I was young I had an album by the Portsmouth Sinfonia, a full orchestra of very earnest students, some of whom could play to concert standard, others who couldn’t play at all. They held a now legendary concert that upset classical music buffs across the nation, but I’d forgotten how wonderfully abysmal they sounded […]

The Freakier Films No.2

Despite recent attempts by Hollywood to make Dr Seuss films, no-one has ever bettered this, the only film Dr Seuss himself was involved with (although he had his name removed from it). It’s extremely messed-up, creepy and surreal – just a pity the trailer doesn’t show the rollerskating ginger twins joined together by their beards. […]

The Freakier Films No.1

I haven’t talked here about Creative Partnership, the movie marketing company I co-founded, and probably should do, although it’s kinda hard to know where to begin. Although I’m no longer an active staff member it happily continues in Soho, and I look back on my years there as the best in my life. One of […]