No Wonder His Wife Left Him

This isn’t Star Trek: Voyager, it’s Tony Alleyne’s flat in Leicestershire. It doesn’t have a bed because he thinks they’re ‘overrated’. Tony’s a bit of an SF fan. His flat’s on the market if you’re interested. Go for it, Tony, follow your dream. Anyone who’s different is okay with me.

Jason Hawkes’ London

He’s been up in the helicopter with his MacBook again – Jason Hawkes, the photographer who takes amazing shots of London has unveiled lots of new angles on the old city, including these. Check out the rest on his site here.

Splashing Out In London

The fountains in Trafalgar Square are about to spurt again, instead of dribbling… They’ll reach 35 feet high – higher than anyone has seen it in at least 30 years. The three 50-year-old engines underground – which also houses a fridge-sized plastic tub filled with a year’s worth of coins scooped out of the basins […]

London Pubs No.8 The Old Bell Tavern

Built in the 1670’s for the workmen and masons who were rebuilding St. Brides Church (designed by Sir Christopher Wren), after it was destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666, the Old Bell has been a boozer for more than 300 years. It has a long association with Fleet Street’s printers. Caxton’s apprentice, […]

Rooftop finale

Simon’s last big roof gig was in the city, atop an office block (he told me the name but I forgot it)…these are just rough shots but the finished campaign for Visit London will be seen shortly. I wish London was less grey and more green.

Rabbit In Your Headlights

A reminder of the powerful Jonathan Glazer music video for UNKLE’s ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’,starring Denis Lavant. Glazer’s an interesting British director who seems to have vanished…

London Pubs No.7: Ye Olde Mitre, Ely Court

This very well-concealed pub (in a little yard just off Hatton Garden) is genuinely ancient; historic, quirky and atmospheric, replete with the panelling and pokey nooks and crannies you’d expect in such a place. If you don’t spot the sign on the lamp post in Hatton Garden pointing into the alleyway, you’ll walk straight past […]

Film Freak No.1

I was working out which movie to present at the gig I’ve been offered next month, and started wondering why certain truly deranged movies don’t appear on UK DVDs. One which came up several times was this outrageous US TV-film of ‘Reefer Madness’, which is a musical version of the old thirties monochrome shocker about […]

Hitting A High Note

Another rooftop London assignment for our Simon, getting high with the band – on the roof of Camden Town’s Roundhouse, that is.

London Pubs No.7: The Jerusalem Tavern