Maybe There’s Something To Psychogeography After All

In the next Bryant & May novel, ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’, a stag-man is seen marauding about King’s Cross. Now, deer and stags have a long history in this part of North London because Pagan temples around here were connected with Diana the huntress. While I was researching the book, my investigations in […]

The Punch & Judy Fellowship

Recently we had comments on this site about the Mr Punch church service that takes place in Covent Garden. Well, the fellowship of Punch & Judy has its own website, and you can learn more here. It seems wonderfully appropriate that a group of people dedicated to this… …have as their chairman the very wonderful […]

Stewart Lee On Books

He’s very dry, very English, and it’s very hard to disagree with him. Here’s Britain’s 41st most popular stand-up comic on books.

Quirky Sights In London

Here’s a gentleman whose interests follow my own. He’s managed to squash down a quick tour of London oddities into his lunch hour. Take a look.

Staycation In London

Credit Crunch time, and let’s not go to France for Easter, let’s just, you know, hang out in London. But Easter is a mysterious time here. It’s not Christmas, when you know nothing is open and it’s not August Bank Holiday, when you know nothing is shut. Instead, I spent two days trying to find […]

Happiness Is Julie Andrews

Okay, enough depressing mad people. Here’s a bunch of commuters doing something far more useful and life-affirming. I love the big finish. Thanks for this, Ian!

When People’s Brains Fall Out

Speaking of videos put together by mad people, Peter Lee sends me this link, about what happens when incredibly stupid young men are allowed near camcorders. See if you can spot where the flaw in this presenter’s argument first appears – could it be when he compares a wire mesh to a piece of latex?

When Married People Get Scared

Okay, I live in London, one of the most integrated cities on the planet, where black, white, straight and gay people can generally live without getting their heads kicked in by bigots, and – shock, horror – it seems to work pretty well. But in the US, a far-right church group has paid to put […]

No Way To Sell A Car

I just spotted this poster in King’s Cross. The bill sticker seems to have got bored and left, leaving a hybrid spud-car behind. I wonder if he decided to leave it because the potato and the vehicle worked well together?

Make A Short Film Without Paying For It

In a gesture of Easter magnanimity I’ve decided that, for a limited time only, anyone who wants to can have make a short film from one of my stories FOR FREE. All you have to do is tell me which story you want to film, take it, adapt it, do whatever you like with it, […]