London Trivia 2.3

I can see I’ve been making these waaay too easy. Right, who’s allowed to make a song and dance outside Fortnum & Mason?

So Much For Darwin

Courtesy of, a couple of graphs that show human development in the media world…

The Eerie Power To Cloud Minds

The Air Loom was the first human influencing machine. Developed by James Tilly Matthews, an inmate of Bedlam caught up in political intrigue during the French Revolution, the machine knitted together vaporous magnetic fluids to influence the minds of MPs. It looked like this; The surprising history of the Air Loom was outlined by Mr […]

Stars Who Look Like Your Gran

Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with British star hair. Poor Noel Gallagher has had a Pension Day Special hair helmet applied at the ‘Hair Today’ salon, Cardiff. In fact, both appear to be channelling Rita Tushingham and Lynn Redgrave in the 60s swinging London comedy ‘Smashing Time’.

The Gathering Storm Gets A Parody

Since I posted ‘When Married People Get Scared’, the church-funded US commercial has been parodied all over the place, but this is the funniest…thanks Ian!

J G Ballard 1930 – 2009

One of the most influential and brilliant writers of the 20th century has died. In his final book, ‘Miracles Of Life’, Jim Ballard spoke with the calm grace of acceptance about his illness, and remained, in that late volume, as quietly subversive and shockingly honest as he had been throughout his life. Despite producing a […]

Maybe There’s Something To Psychogeography After All

In the next Bryant & May novel, ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’, a stag-man is seen marauding about King’s Cross. Now, deer and stags have a long history in this part of North London because Pagan temples around here were connected with Diana the huntress. While I was researching the book, my investigations in […]

The Punch & Judy Fellowship

Recently we had comments on this site about the Mr Punch church service that takes place in Covent Garden. Well, the fellowship of Punch & Judy has its own website, and you can learn more here. It seems wonderfully appropriate that a group of people dedicated to this… …have as their chairman the very wonderful […]

Stewart Lee On Books

He’s very dry, very English, and it’s very hard to disagree with him. Here’s Britain’s 41st most popular stand-up comic on books.

Quirky Sights In London

Here’s a gentleman whose interests follow my own. He’s managed to squash down a quick tour of London oddities into his lunch hour. Take a look.