B & M & G & S

Right at the beginning of the Bryant & May series, back in the last century, I turned Arthur Bryant into a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, mainly because I’ve always loved G&S, and they’re so deeply unfashionable that it seemed appropriate for Arthur. The problem is that too many horrible amateur productions have been performed; when […]

Dodgy Deals In The House Of Commons

The new House of Commons Speaker is tiny John Bercow, who “flipped” his second home from his constituency to a £540,000 flat in London and claimed the maximum possible allowances for it. His expenses files reveal he also twice charged the public purse for the cost of hiring a chartered accountant to handle his tax […]

Greening London

Yes, the sun’s out and the city has gone mad. Opposite me, an open air bar has a single stripe of sunlit ground, onto which everyone is crammed in a line. London’s a remarkably green city in summer, but I wish there was more grass to sit on. Simon (of rooftop London fame) mentioned he […]

Theatre Stories

I’ve been toying with giving Mr Bryant and Mr May another theatre-based murder to solve, but this time set in the present day, and was doing some research on London theatres today. It’s very easy to get sidetracked, so while I was reading about the St James’s Theatre I was looking at Pickering Place, the […]

Bryant & May’s Mystery Map

We’re currently building a mystery Google map that will provide a key to many of Bryant & May’s London haunts – it will take some time to put together, and I’ll only do it if there’s sufficient interest. For example, the site below is where John May’s apartment is situated, at Shad Thames. The last […]

Where Is It?

This public building dedicated to literature in London has statues of Bacon and Spenser on its frontage, but no Shakespeare that I can see. Where is it?

Bruno Update: Breeding New Homophobes

Hadley Freeman in the Guardian leads the postmodern liberal backlash (despite her protestations to the contrary) saying that ‘Bruno’ is about homophobia, not making fun of difference. Unfortunately, she entirely misses the point, which is that its target audience (admitted by Universal and Baron-Cohen) is teen males, who don’t and won’t see through the gross […]

Books V. Socks

In 1946, George Orwell wrote an entertaining essay entitled ‘Books V Cigarettes’, in which he totted up the cost of both and came down firmly on the side of books. After setting out to buy socks today and returning with books instead, I’d like to present a further argument to that. One has to take […]

Those Story Outlines In Full

I’ve just added a new page (right) giving brief outlines of my short fiction, which you can use to see if you’d like to film a short story. The list should also help you to find that missing story with the dodgy plot-point you’ve wanted to complain to me about. Writers love that. We also […]

London At Night

I know I’ve been banging on about Jeff Hawkes for a long time (see ‘London’) but this picture of the Greenwich Peninsular is spectacular. Find it on his site in a nice hi-res screensaver….