The 31-Second Apple Store Robbery

What I find astonishing about this is the utterly irresponsible reporting of the crime. Apart from showing would-be criminals how to do it, the excited and admiring tone of the voiceover almost had me wanting to carry out a similar attack.

One For The Kiddies

I spotted this product on a US website (photographed in a store) and can’t begin to describe how wrong it is. Someone tell me it’s not true.

Today’s Question: How Harmful Is Piracy?

More and more I hear kids say ‘I’ll watch it on Pirate’, as if this was a brand. Around the world, largely at the instigation of the studios, campaigns against film piracy are being waged – but how effective are they, and is it quite the threat we’ve been led to believe? Today comes a […]

The Maps Are Up!

The Bryant & May London (and beyond) maps are now up and running on the right hand side of your screen. Check ’em out, report mistakes, lodge complaints etc.

What I’ll Miss About France

We’ve given up France for a while and are back in windswept cold London. Here are a few French things I’ll miss this winter…

London Metropolitan Police Museum Opens

Okay, it’s tiny and far short of what London’s mayor, Boris ‘Invisible Man’ Johnson, promised the city, but it’s a start. Six cases hardly cover nearly two centuries of policing in London, from nineteenth-century cutlasses to the uniform Jack Warner wore for ‘Dixon Of Dock Green’. It’s in West Brompton and takes about a quarter […]

Is There Such A Thing As Too Cool?

I don’t usually post commercials but Jay-Z’s effortlessly cool poses take some beating…

The Day Dee Died

Simon Dee, Britain’s first pop culture TV presenter, has died of bone cancer. More arrogant than Jonathan Ross, smarmier than Alan Partridge, the sixties chat show host ruled with his TV show Dee Time, which attracted 18 million viewers per show. His already massive ego grew bigger still, and after pushing for an ever-higher salary […]

What Women Want To Read

Back to perusing the papers, and as someone who remembers (and marched) on many equality and equal-opportunity protests for women’s rights, I note the main headlines for the ever-more-popular Daily Mail, whose lead Femail stories are: An interview with a dwarf ‘Mini-Mum’. How immigrant mums have failed to contribute anything to the nation. Three items […]

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