Lost Cinemas

I once read an interview with the editor of the Daily Mail, in which he said that the ideal article in his paper was one that left the reader feeling bitter, angry or scared. Its feature on before-and-after shots of cinema sites don’t quite do that, but they make you wonder about the direction of […]

Great Covers Of Our Time

Well, I’ve not always added to the roster of cool covers. This alarming illustration by the rather wonderful artist Les Edwards was my very first book cover, and is enough to send a child under a table. The original artwork was taken down by a relative who felt too disturbed to look at it, and […]

Non-Local News

I had to post this because it’s awesome – the shuttle Atlantis en route to repair the Hubble telescope, photographed against the sun. It’s how I think space should look, not cluttered with Sith lasers and stormtroopers. To boldly go, indeed.

London Pubs No.3: The Viaduct Tavern

This impressive corner pub faces its famous namesake, Holborn Viaduct. Queen Victoria opened it in 1869, the Viaduct not the pub, although they were both opened in the same year. Holborn Viaduct connected Holborn with Newgate Street, avoiding the River Fleet below. The pub has a large curved frontage, but the interior is surprisingly small. […]

Arthur Bryant’s Beliefs

My detective Arthur Bryant is opinionated about a great many things, and particularly vexes his devout landlady on the subject of religion. In the next book, ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’, he lays out his argument. I was surprised to find a graphic representation of this argument on a website recently.

Immodesty In Camden

That’s what I love about London. On a quiet Monday night you can pop around the corner and see a burlesque showgirl in a giant foam-filled champagne glass. The Immodesty Blaze Tease show is back at Koko, with Julian Clary compering and Marc Almond singing ‘That Fabulous Dress’ to a Monroe gal in gold sequins. […]

London Pubs No.2 – Williamson’s Tavern

Despite the legends about this being London’s oldest excise licence and watering hole since soon after the Great Fire of London, the reality is most of the actual structure dates from the 1930’s. But it was built from the ruins of the Great Fire. Tucked in a courtyard (Groveland Ct) off an alley from Bow […]

Serial Killer Returns To Covent Garden

Today is the Annual Puppet Fair at Covent Garden’s actors’ Church, St Paul’s. Parade is at 10:am and the shows go on all afternoon – (all together now) ‘That’s the way to do it!’

The French Films You Never See In London

Not every French film is about an angsty bourgeois family being sarcastic and shagging in a chateau. There are lots of action movies teeming with product placement and stupid car chases that we simply don’t see. This is one of my favourites. In ‘Le Boulet’ our hero has to retrieve a winning lottery ticket from […]

Hell Train Arriving!

I’ve always had a great love of horror films and books, and although it’s early days here’s a sneak preview of a project I’ve been working on for some time, courtesy of master horror artist Graham Humphreys. Hell Train should be roaring into the station early next year…