How To Get Audience Attention

Perhaps in order to make an ADD audience stop Tweeting for five seconds it might be a good idea to adopt this as the new THX pre-movie ident…imagine it on a 70ft screen!

London Scams

I skim a lot of blogs at the weekend and a consistently fun one is Skip’s Acorn Treasury. Here’s a neat little scam from his site. ‘I am out for drinks with one of the Steves. A guy sits down at our table. “You want to buy?” he asks. Steve looks at him, surprised. “I […]

I Can See Someone Behind You With An Axe

Wikipedia has become involved in a row with psychologists after a Canadian doctor posted Rorschach test answers. The test is designed to give psychologists a window into the unconscious mind, but some now fear patients will try to outwit them by memorising the answers. The test, developed in 1921 by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach, comprises […]

How To Sell More Blu-Ray Discs

I really don’t want to turn my generally perky blog into grumpy stuff, but this irritated me. There’s a credit crunch on. Hollywood needs to shift product. Making films available at the same time on all formats would be an obvious help, but the danger is that as a consumer you might do what I […]

Making Britain Less Miserable

While the rest of the world (not counting the extremely cold bits, and Wales) is enjoying a wonderful summer, Britain is as usual moaning its way through flu, freezing wet weather and a variety of crises that must have Daily Mail hacks wringing their wet little hands with delight. Now a bunch of scientists want […]

How Fox Manufactures Racism

You know when bible-belt hillbillies get drunk together and decide they’ll do their own dentistry with loaded revolvers? Here’s the Fox ‘News’ team talking fantastic rubbish about Obama. I don’t know who the blonde sock-puppet is in the middle but I think she might have been in ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’. Every time […]

The Prisoner Remixed

A few years back an old mate of mine brought out a great CD of remixed soundtracks called ‘Power Themes’. My favourite, his take on The Avengers, can’t be embedded here, but you can find it on YouTube under ‘The Avengers (Peel The Reel)’. Meanwhile, here’s his take on The Prisoner.

Robin Hood Estate Hailed As ‘Masterpiece’

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with the Daily Mail, but their invitation to Lord Rogers to meet at the East London sink estate he compares to Bath’s Royal Crescent hit the right note. This claustrophobic concrete hellhole is deemed a marvel for the poor by architects who live in £4 million town houses, […]

The Swine Flu Diary

Living in the centre of London and traveling everywhere by tube probably meant I was bound to catch it sooner or later. The virus crept up on me; I was stressed, tired, flushed, then coughing. The NHS advice is good; they also made the Tamiflu drug incredibly easy to get hold of. One short online […]

Blu-Ray Challenge From China

The new China Blue HD discs cost a quarter of the cost of its Hollywood counterpart and the players are cheaper. In the two months since it was launched, it’s been outselling Blu-Ray three to one. We always knew that prices for Hi-Def had been fixed at ridiculously high rates, and now here’s the proof. […]