The Missing Book Revealed

Over the years readers have asked me about a volume of short stories I wrote called ‘More City Jitters’ that simply does not seem to exist. Well, I’ve always explained that it only came out in the US, and that although I no longer had it on my shelf, it surely did exist. I’ve finally […]

Gaming Goes Underground

The immortal game of ‘Mornington Crescent’ (an essential element in an upcoming adventure for Bryant & May) has always been played verbally (although I believe tachiographs are permitted when the game is actually played on any tube platform deeper than 70ft). But finally it is to be made available as a board game. As most […]

What Do Bryant & May Look Like?

Thanks and a tip of the trilby go to Keith Page, who is a graphic artist with a great portfolio. Keith seems to enjoy illustrating scenes from the Bryant & May mysteries. A couple of his latest pieces are from ‘Full Dark House’. The first is from a conversation Bryant has on the steps of […]

Tell It Like It Is

Some time back I posted a brutally truthful card here from my lovely friend Jennifer in Columbus, Ohio. Well, she’s done it again. This time I’ve included a couple of others. Check out the rest. It makes a refreshing change from those cards that have old knitting patterns and ironic jokes. Find them here

London’s Unloveliest Street

Having spent the whole of my working life schlepping up and down this street, I can at least console myself that before it was taken over by blokes selling pizzas with the nutritional value of carpet tiles and stupid trainers that look like children’s toy cars, there was a London Dolphinarium at 65, Oxford Street […]

Good And Bad Sculpture

London has so many statues no-one notices half of them, but putting up a public figure always courts controversy now, which is why we ended up with the Princess Diana Drain. I like this because it makes a great noise, but would it have killed the artist to add a few plants around it? The […]

A London Peculiarity

I was always taught to say ‘the anniversary of my birthday’ rather than ‘my birthday’, so last night I celebrated this anniversary in the Club at The Ivy, where, one is reminded that the ‘Chatham House Rule’ is in force. Checking the phrase’s origin, I found the full definition of this very London rule; “When […]

Time To Dance

Watching Stewart Lee recently reminded me that he was involved with ‘Jerry Springer – The Opera’, which was picketed on tours by a rabid minority possessing a minimal grasp of Judeo-Christian theology (who had usually not seen the production). They give a series of rather disturbing dead-eyed interviews online which you may find more harmful […]

London: What We Missed Earlier

The designer of this lovely site, the very excellent Simon Moore, sends me a trove of London photographs taken in 1955. This is the largest collection of theatre and cinema hoardings I’ve seen from the period. Once you get used to the empty streets, ladies in hats and super-clean cars, you start to notice how […]

London; Good, Bad & Seriously Ugly

So I’m walking from Regent’s Park to Camden and thinking, ‘Nice spring day, who needs to go to Japan to see blossom?’ And I come over the bridge, reminding myself that on a weekday, when Camden’s not full of mooching Norwegian Goths being sold fake magic mushrooms, the area’s not so bad… And I see […]