Jeremy Clarkson VS Socks

It’ll happen again this Christmas. Millions of people will think ‘What would Dad like? Socks or a book?’ and because they’re not near a Marks & Spencer (if that’s possible in the UK) they’ll drift into a bookstore. There in front of them they’ll see a bewildering array of colourful covers – but wait! This […]

Paging Mr Darwin

26 year-old bank fraudster Maxi Sopo has been caught after he updated his profile on Facebook. He’s been hiding out in Cancun. Although Sopo’s profile was set to Private, his list of friends was not. The FBI was surprised to see that one friend listed an affiliation with the justice department. They sent a message […]

Comics 2:The Funniest British Shows

I find it hard to keep comedy out of the Bryant & May novels, but my sense of humour is very particular. Every decade has produced something wonderful, from Hancock to Python to Peep Show, and I’ve realised that while there were shows I hated (‘The Royle Family’) I best enjoy a surreal mix of […]

Britain’s Maddest Event

‘Burn him in a tub of tar Burn him like a blazing star Burn his body from his head Then we’ll say old Pope is dead.’ It’s almost time for the most bonkers event in the country…no, not the newly adopted US-style Hallowe’en but Guy Fawkes’ Night, and although there are no urchins on street […]

Opinion: Why Is An Idea Worth Less Than A Brand?

There’s much hand-wringing about expenses and salaries in the press at the moment. The BBC seems to be suffering such a desperate dearth of ideas that all they can think of doing is throwing money at existing ‘faces’, but the idea-generators, the writers, are still on a pittance. This is highlighted when you consider that […]

Comics: Not A Wise Move

As a new show about Eric Morecambe opens at the Duchess Theatre,it was revealed this week that the beloved British comedy duo almost ended before it really began. A letter from Ernie Wise surfaced stating “I want to get straight to the point. I want us to break up the act. I feel it would […]

The London That Was & Wasn’t

More on those books below – ‘London As It Might Have Been’ is an in-depth look at all of the palaces, towers, mausoleums, archways and vast ridiculous constructions architects have planned for the city over the centuries – and there have been a lot of them, idealistic, breathtaking and plain wrong. It’s a fun book […]

A London Puzzle

Around about now I’d normally be running a competition to win some books, but as we are still witnessing the death-throes of the Royal Mail, all I can offer for getting this right is a mention in this column and the knowledge of a job well done. Here is the K6 by Sir Giles Gilbert […]

Did Reading Just Evolve Further?

Probably not,according to Nicholson Baker in the New Yorker. ‘Here’s what you buy when you buy a Kindle book,’ he says. ‘You buy the right to display a grouping of words in front of your eyes for your private use with the aid of an electronic display device approved by Amazon.’ The edited version of […]

London Books

New books on London are hardly news; dozens are published each year. But I’m excited about Terry Farrell’s look at how cities are shaped by landscape. It should be of interest to anyone who wonders why London’s streets are so unfathomably awkward to get around. Three further volumes I’d recommend are here in my own […]