Books V. Socks

In 1946, George Orwell wrote an entertaining essay entitled ‘Books V Cigarettes’, in which he totted up the cost of both and came down firmly on the side of books. After setting out to buy socks today and returning with books instead, I’d like to present a further argument to that. One has to take […]

Those Story Outlines In Full

I’ve just added a new page (right) giving brief outlines of my short fiction, which you can use to see if you’d like to film a short story. The list should also help you to find that missing story with the dodgy plot-point you’ve wanted to complain to me about. Writers love that. We also […]

London At Night

I know I’ve been banging on about Jeff Hawkes for a long time (see ‘London’) but this picture of the Greenwich Peninsular is spectacular. Find it on his site in a nice hi-res screensaver….

Signs Of The Times

I spotted these two on my travels last week; there are still tickets available for the first event, but don’t take anything from the bread shop with you.

Where The Hell Is Finsbury?

Is there any other part of London that moves about so much? I knew Lenin lived here and it was a large London constituency, but where is it? Well, it used to be around Roseberry Avenue (near Sadler’s Wells) but it’s now near Holborn, except that Finsbury Circus and Finsbury Square are separate and Finsbury […]

Film Freak No.3: Noir

My other half won’t watch old movies, as if their age somehow invalidates them, but I love ’em. The great noir thrillers often clocked in at around 65 minutes, but boy, they packed in wit, ingenuity, bad attitude and style. In most horror or crime films the criminals know they’re guilty, but in a noir […]

London’s Weirdest Fortnight

I hate the next two weeks. They come around every year, and I dread them. This is when we realise how far North we live. Maybe its my melatonin levels, but I’m kind of like a farmer; I sleep when it’s dark and wake when it’s light. So for the next two weeks, the sun […]

Lo-Fi Fun

The ever-vigilant Ian Alexander Martin of Atomic Fez Publishing sends me this excellent lo-fi vid ‘Her Morning Elegance’ by Oren Lavie, and it makes a perfect accompaniment to the animated Post-It note video that was going around a short while ago.

Film Freak No.2 Top Ten Ingenious Films

If there’s one word movies are afflicted with, it’s ‘edgy’. Why does everything have to be edgy? What does it mean; liable to get you thrown in jail? Or just young and a bit sweary? When directors tell me their next movie is going to be really edgy I always assume they’re still trying to […]

Why There’s Nothing In The Newspaper

What happened to the Y2K bug that was going to drop planes from the sky and crash all our computers? Well, it didn’t actually exist. The scare (which created a multi-million pound industry) can be traced back to a single paragraph in a local paper – but nobody checked the truth. Award-winning journalist Nick Davies’ […]