Covent Garden Turns Into Warren Street

This is the 53-foot long giant helium-filled rabbit that has appeared in Covent garden today. It’s an advertisement for the new Tate Modern show ‘Pop Life: Life In A Material World’ and is modelled on the stainless-steel Rabbit by pop artist Jeff Koons.

Coming Back To London

Summer’s end saw me selling my house in France and moving back to London. I’ll miss many things, but one of them won’t be the culture shock of arriving back in King’s Cross. On my last return I bade farewell to my happy, healthy summer pals and dressed in grey once more. I spent several […]

The Eye Of The Beholder

When I was a kid, the whole of London was black. Soot from the war had not been removed, so fifteen or so years later it remained. Add the low level of street lighting then, and you had an atmospheric, if rather sinister, city. While I hate vast impersonal glass blocks, there have been improvements, […]

Kindle VS Books: The War Begins

On the left is the Kindle. It is an eReader. It has just launched in Britain. See the type. It is clear. See the pages. They have no character. Now look on the right. See the book. It is AA Milne’s only murder mystery. It has a tactile matt cover. It has art deco finishing. […]

Put On Your Trunk, Let’s Go Swimming

The Daily Beast ran an article today about banning the Speedo – mainly, as far as I could tell, because they’re ubiquitous in Europe, and because they provide ‘too much information’. But a greater peculiarity bothers me – why do they insist on calling it ‘a Speedo’ when we use the plural? Do you say […]

Where’s Georgie?

George Gordon Byron, what a lad eh? If you want to know where he’s hiding in London, or where all the ghost bikes are, head for the site that’s busy mapping all of London’s memorials – and there are a lot of them! You’ll find it here. And you’ll get more accurate information about Byron […]

London’s Bluecoats

You see them dotted about the place in London – little statues of boys in blue. But what are they? The Bluecoats are indicators of London’s charity schools and date back to the mid-sixteenth century. They wore blue uniforms because blue was the cheapest dye available. See more Bluecoats here.

An Eye For The Landscape

Graham Humphreys is one of my oldest friends; we first worked together on posters for the Nightmare On Elm Street series, and his artwork has graced everything from album covers for The Cramps to artwork for The Evil Dead films. The interesting thing I find with artists is not just that they handle their medium […]

Art With A Side Of Fries

Sometimes it’s not enough to experience artworks in a musuem; you expect something more. How about the stench of junk food wafting through the galleries? Paris, long considered a bastion of the gastronomic arts, has fallen. They’re sticking a food court in the Louvre, so that the first thing visitors will see is the yellow […]

Four Unusual London Museums

You’ve been to the British Museum, were worn out by kids screaming in the Science Museum and were disappointed with the new dumbed-down approach of the Maritime Museum – how about some smaller, stranger choices for your next visit? Try the Cuming Museum (pictured) featuring some 25,000 idiosyncratic exhibits collected by two generations of the […]