Why The Inland Lighthouse Will Remain A Mystery

Last night I walked past Dick Whittington’s stone in Archway – the milestone, irretrievably tied in with its panto image of boy and cat, is framed inside a wrought-iron fence – and thought about the icons we pass every day that have no historical significance. One of these is the King’s Cross lighthouse, now sadly […]

Life Is Short

It’s a classic, I know, and now six years old, but I watched it again and realised it’s one of the few TV commercials I really love (although I had to watch it again to remember what the product was).

London’s Weirdest Shops

Well, it wouldn’t be so weird in another time or place (Cornwall, the 1920s?) but every time I pass it I ask myself; what the HELL is a really old-fashioned ship’s chandler’s doing just behind Tottenham Court Road? I mean, it’s bloody miles from the sea, and who in London’s West End needs to buy […]

Why Dark Mysteries Are Popular

I knew it all along. There had to be a reason why we’re attracted to tales of violence. It turns out that the oldest genetically identifiable nuclear family met a violent death, according to analysis of remains from 4,600-year-old burials in Germany. Researchers reckon that the broken bones of these stone age people (mum, dad, […]

Spot The Mistake Answer

Okay, time for the answer, as I’m still getting emails asking what is wrong with the picture – the artist put Bryant’s pipe in May’s hand – May doesn’t smoke. The artwork had to be repainted.

The Covers That Didn’t Make It

I was turning out a cupboard yesterday and found throwing out old artwork from my days in film marketing. Each time I’d written a new book, friends in our studio created a cover for it. This is one for my collection ‘Demonised’, designed by Simon Moore, the art director who created this site. That’s him […]

Tea Break!

Right, let’s have a nice cup of tea. Just follow these six impossible-to-remember steps, explained by a twitchy-eyed mad hypnotist-type tea expert from 1941 and some ladies who say ‘orf’ a lot – just as well they don’t get onto different types of biscuits, we’d be here all night.

The Pubs That Vanish

In the back of my novel ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ I list all the pubs mentioned in the story. A number of these are under threat from property developers, and some have already disappeared. You can see how many others we’ve lost by looking for corners like this one, now a private residence, on Wharfdale Road, […]

London In The Details

  A wall of hot type names former buildings on a York Way site. After a decade of concrete and glass, and the loss of London’s quirky alleyways, could the city be rediscovering detail in its architecture? Here are three examples from within a hundred metre triangle of King’s Cross. Small steps, perhaps, but much […]

When The Paperboy Calls

Just a reminder that you’ll find excerpts of my forthcoming memoir ‘Paperboy’ on the top right of your screen. The books is currently being proofed and readers’ copies will be available around Christmas. The first photoshoot we’ve done for it pertains to my peculiar obsession with Lois Lane. Typical that I should have collected the […]