Reading & Writing

The Missing Book Revealed

Over the years readers have asked me about a volume of short stories I wrote called ‘More City Jitters’ that simply does not seem to exist. Well, I’ve always explained that it only came out in the US, and that although I no longer had it on my shelf, it surely did exist. I’ve finally […]

What Writers Do

Every now and again people complain about having to wait for a new book to come out. I think I’m a fairly typical writer, with the usual kind of workload. Here’s what I’m up to this week. (Activities with asterisk denote paid work, usually small amounts) Column for Independent on Sunday* Book review* Columns for […]

Covers That Didn’t Make It

This was the cover originally designed for my anthology ‘Demonised’. The burning man is the excellent gentleman who designed this site. The publisher didn’t like it, but I still do.

The Great Book Hunt – Two

As before, books hidden in a London location for you to claim. Here’s the spot – a coffee shop in King’s Cross that serves the best Italian coffee this side of Milan. Two signed and dated editions of Bryant & May books can be found here on Friday 6th February. Ask Mario or Enzo if […]

Read This!

Something has gone wonderfully wrong with British book awards this year. It seems that the winners and nominees are being chosen not just by subject, craft and style but by readability. For the first time in years I romped through the Man Booker prizewinner. ‘White Tiger’ by Avarind Adiga, is a thrilling, almost pulpy choice […]

The Lady Downstairs

This illustration was produced by Michael Nicholson for the BBC, with the excellent Hannah Gordon reading an abbreviated version of my Sherlock Holmes story ‘The Lady Downstairs, click here.

Paperboy Lists

I know it’s a guy-thing to endlessly adjust lists of favourite or hated films/books/football teams, but one of the things I’ve done in my upcoming memoir ‘Paperboy’ is to include lots of lists. One is a list of words I read in hearty kids’ adventure novels but didn’t quite understand at the age of ten: […]

The Covers That Didn’t Make It

I was turning out a cupboard yesterday and found throwing out old artwork from my days in film marketing. Each time I’d written a new book, friends in our studio created a cover for it. This is one for my collection ‘Demonised’, designed by Simon Moore, the art director who created this site. That’s him […]

Hear Here…

If you’d like to hear me discussing crime and inspirations for ‘The Victoria Vanishes’, go here: The Victoria Vanishes Audio Interview

Watch Here…

I’ve always let students make short films from my stories, because I love to see what they come up with, but I’ve never been very good at pointing out where you can find these filmed versions. Hopefully, I’l be able to put this right, starting here. About a dozen different shorts are currently floating about the […]