Keeping Up (Public) Appearances


This spring season I’ll be at the London Metropolitan Archive in Clerkenwell on Friday 11th April, then to the former oyster village turned London-on-Sea, Whitstable, for their first literary festival, WhitLit, on May 10th, then heading to Bristol for Crimefest over the weekend of May 17/18th, and in Waterstones Piccadilly for ‘OxCrimes’, the Oxfam book […]

Visit To Another Planet


It started with my first job. I was walking down Soho’s Berwick Street, which still had a busy, thriving street market back then, and lots of local residents (yes, young people visiting London, there wasn’t a Japanese bubble tea bar in sight). One of the stalls sold science fiction paperbacks and comics, and I became […]

Where Am I?

Christopher Fowler #1 Kings Cross Station, 11.01.2013 (c) Stephen Jones

On Saturday March 29th I’ll be signing copies of ‘The Bleeding Heart’ in Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue at 1pm. This is always a good event, so if you’re in town, come along and say hi. On Friday April 11th I’ll be at the London Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell for their spring festival, and that’s a […]

Me & TV: A Spotted History


So, last night I turned up on TV after a fairly long absence, yattering on about Bryant & May and not looking quite as dorky as I thought I would, although what I was thinking when I donned that T-shirt I don’t know, ‘cos I didn’t really think about what I should wear on telly. […]

Getting Away With Murder: The Live Event

This is according to Time Out: ‘Greenwich-born thriller writer Fowler, whose latest book, ‘Plastic’, follows a shopaholic housewife in her 24-hour demise to homelessness, discusses ‘Film Freak’, a new volume in his memoirs.’ This is concerning my appearance this coming week on Thursday October 3rd at Welwyn Garden City Library, and came as a bit […]

The Outsider Comes In From The Cold?

I’ve always been a bit of an outsider, even when I’ve had hit novels. I’m certainly not one of those authors with a career plan. This year, though, has been unusual for me. First, a CWA Dagger nomination, and now selection for the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards, the run-up to which is currently being televised. I’ve […]

It’s Showtime!

This being the start of the Autmun book season, I’ll be doing several gigs around the country. Feel free to come along to any of these events and say the usual things; ‘You’re much older than I thought you’d be,’ ‘I loved your first book – you were very good in those days,’ and the […]

Back & Forth

I know that nipping to the Netherlands for dinner was extravagant, but hardly more expensive than a taxi across London (I justify the carbon footprint by pointing out that I never drive anywhere and don’t have children) but an evening in Amsterdam, or what Fox News’s sad, bitter Bill O’Reilly calls ‘The cesspool of Europe’ […]

Tickets Available On Door For ‘Plastic’ Launch

Thanks to the start of the summer holidays we still have tickets available for the launch of PLASTIC. This is my dark comedy-thriller about London, credit cards, murder, female empowerment and shopping at gunpoint. Why did it take six years to get a novel published? I’ll be talking to Joanne Harris at Foyles and signing […]