An Eye For The Landscape

Graham Humphreys is one of my oldest friends; we first worked together on posters for the Nightmare On Elm Street series, and his artwork has graced everything from album covers for The Cramps to artwork for The Evil Dead films. The interesting thing I find with artists is not just that they handle their medium […]

Where Your Post Goes

The Guardian has chosen a bad time to celebrate the Royal Mail, running a display of postal posters through the ages. Below is Mr Nicholas Moore, the pie-faced postie who regularly overslept and hid almost 6,000 letters and parcels rather than deliver them. Actually, Moore needed to keep two jobs and was too exhausted to […]

Easily Amused

When I was writing ‘Paperboy’, I referenced of some of the games I remembered playing as a child. I was clearing out the notes today and thinking about how ropey most of these amusements were, from the Pelham puppets which all looked like the same puppet in different clothes, to the ink-stained frustration that was […]

The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be

When I was a child we heard plenty of talk about jet packs, spray-on clothes, travel to distant planets and thousands of television channels all showing stuff as interesting as our our two then-excellent networks. But the future has been a bit of a let-down. I mean, it’s nice that the Indian space mission has […]

Dumb & Dumber

I don’t usually post silly true stuff but these are too good to miss.

Nottingham’s Art Gallery

I remained sober last night (although it seemed the rest of Nottingham did not) and was up early to go and visit the castle, above which is an astonishing art gallery. I was the only person there, and was amazed by the sheer strangeness of the curatorship, which had gathered together a peculiar mixture of […]

Objects of Desire No.1

I don’t really enjoy shopping but you can’t help doing it in London, and I’m certainly not patriotic (I prefer to take a global view). However, these retro desert boots, spotted in Oxford Street, are pretty cool. Tomorrow night we’re having dinner in the Tower Of London and I have to wear a tie – […]