The True Plot That Was Too Bizarre To Be Used


A little while back I was in Tokyo, and – always punting around for new plots for the Bryant & May books – I stumbled across a bizarre story that was unfolding in Japanese newspapers. The more I read about it the more fascinated I became, and earmarked it for use in a B&M book. […]

The Travel Bug


Recently a friend went to Machu-Picu and came back less impressed than he thought he would be. Not with the place itself, but with the hordes of tourists, selfies and Instagram-opportunities preprogrammed into every step of his trip. Lately I’ve been thinking about where I would really like to go, and Machu-Pichu is not as […]

12 Things That Prove The 1970s Are Back


Ken Dodd is still performing in Darlington Tunnock’s teacakes and Jammy Dodgers as popular as ever Renzo Piano’s multicoloured building in St Giles looks like that flooring they had in Carnaby Street Loons, suede bum-freezers, orange makeup and blonde flick-ups are back Those awful lamps covered in opaque white discs – yep, they’re back too […]

Do Middle Class Tastes Kill The ‘Popular’ Arts?


Here in Great Britain we are still cursed with divisions of class – perhaps more now than at any time since the Edwardian era. You only have to get on a plane to hear the new generation of privilege speaking with a powerful sense of entitlement. Like their parents they consider themselves to be positioned […]

‘The Burning Man’ Comes True


It’s the fiery season – a time of insurrection and flame. In ‘The Burning Man’, Bryant & May’s twelfth outing, London is on fire. Rioters are protesting against a banking scandal that has allowed a financier to make a fortune from insider trading. The book was based on the recent banking riots and suggested that […]

The End Of Summer


I’ve just woken up. It’s hot, but the air has changed. Summer is dying. It’s not something we particularly celebrate or commemorate in any form in London, but across Europe the end of summer is a special event in the calendar. In Spain and Italy it’s marked by fireworks, bonfires and festivals. In France the […]

A Postcard From…


No post today, I’m in…Sardinia. Let’s just say the wi-fi is unusually difficult to pinpoint where I am, in the hills. I’ll keep trying!  

A Postcard From: Barcelona


Today is National Independence for Catalunya day (you’re reading this after the event), and the atmosphere on the street – as always – is intensely pro-separatist. I can think of few nations in history which have flourished after partition (I think of the horrors after Tito’s Yugoslavia) but it’s hard not to feel the intense […]

What’s Your Favourite Place?


There are cities where people never smile; I’ve been to a few in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. I like to think people are naturally predisposed to smiling, but sometimes the pace of life or the relentless grimness of their surroundings makes it hard to think of anything but just surviving. In the need to earn, […]

When Voters Get Extreme


When this website began back in 1953, one of my very first posts made fun of Sarah Palin. Oh how we laughed. Now, many years later, it’s time to wipe the smirk from our faces. But it’s an international disease; around the world, voters are choosing some very strange candidates. In the UK, the rise […]