Crime Can Be Anything You Want…


Here are some jottings I found on writing crime fiction. I have a sneaking feeling some of these points came from a US TV writer, but I can’t for the life of me remember who – if it was you and I’ve not namechecked you, I’m sorry, tell me and I’ll correct it. Crime is […]

The Joy Of Unjoined-Up Thinking


‘I’d love to see what happens in the threshing machine of your mind,’ Tony Hancock says to Bill Kerr in his 65 year-old radio show, still relevant. ‘The whole ideas go in there and come out here in tiny bits.’ ‘Why should shampoo mend split ends?’ Victoria Wood asks Julie Walters. ‘It’s the herbs,’ comes […]

Game, Box-Set & Match


As  ‘Game of Thrones’ shifted from a smutty sub-‘Lord Of The Rings’ knock-off into a nuanced and sweeping epic with moments that outdid anything you can see on film right now, the cry of ‘Just one more!’ could be heard across the land. How did this immensely complicated niche-market show become the most watched series […]

Binning The Box

Personal TV

Now that we’re changing how we view, what’s the effect on our homes? That big box in the corner is off most of the day, so why give it prominence? This is what interior designers are asking. Television has now been with us in an affordable form for close to seventy years, and in that […]

The New Site Just Broke its Record

Stress and frustration

  I loved my first website, so smart, so sexy – so unvisited. People simply couldn’t operate it easily enough and gave up, and I can’t blame them. How many times did I watch the pinwheel while trying to load a site? When we stripped back the website this week and made it less stylish […]

Nice Blog, Shame The Style Had To Go!


Remember the above image, from when I first started this blog? How there were dozens of moody shots of nighttime London moving around? Well, no more. It was all because of Flash, usurped by HTML5, which killed off all those lovely sites with moving photo-real images in HD 3D gorgeousness. Okay, sometimes they weren’t very […]

What Makes Wayward Pines Work?


No Spoilers. Not having a regular living-room TV for the next six months, I started catching up on box sets by streaming them on my phone. This caused a judder of horror among friends, but download time and pixel density is great, and if you wear headphones the viewing experience is much enhanced. I’d avoided […]

Reviewed: The New Kindle Oasis


All my life I’ve sprouted books like hostels have fleas. They appear about me, falling from pockets, trailing behind me, stuffed into pockets and bags, in my hands, on beer-sticky bar counters, in bathrooms and kitchens, left on trains, propped against lamps and bottles and pillows. One to read, one spare in case I finish […]

A Change Is Coming To This Site

scanned ink stain

Over the years this website has evolved as changing formats have developed. I dumped Flash because too many people could not access the lustrous moving images of London, and iPhones have forced simplification upon most sites. Remember when the web was full of glamorous complex pulsing pictures? Sadly most of those have gone now as […]

What Happened To Black Comedy?


Where and when did the idea of black comedy come into being, and what happened to this distinctive literary genre? Let’s start by defining terminology. Black comedy involves a work that makes light of serious, disturbing and possibly taboo subjects. It corresponds to the earlier concept of ‘gallows humour’ and is often controversial due to its subject matter. […]