Letting Go

So here’s the problem. I’m in Mykonos (which now consists of clubbers, Chinese tourists, upmarket Brits, cats and a handful of black-dressed old Greek ladies watching in bewildered acceptance of their island’s changes) and I just can’t let go. I have my Macbook Air in my bag, and while everyone else boards boats for the […]

Enemies In The Backyard

Immigration is a topic that always rears its head in times of recession. Now that Republican JD Hayworth’s law, which requires police to arrest suspected illegal immigrants and makes it a crime not to have valid immigration papers on your person, is in effect in the state of Arizona, he wants to expand it to […]

Finding Love Everywhere

Speaking of race issues (see previous post), here’s proof that a positive attitude can turn anything around, as Randy finds himself a new love in the form of former superhero turned social pariah Mel Gibson. Expect some sweariness, naturally.

Heroine Of The Week

Shirley Sherrod was the virtually unknown Department of Agriculture official whose speech about how she didn’t give a white farmer “the full force of what I could do” to help him save his farm back in 1986 got her accused of reverse racism. The result was that Shirley, the daughter of a leader of the […]

Loaf To Tell The Truth

This is a subject very close to writers’ hearts, as most days we dine ‘al desko’. When is a bakery not a bakery? When it’s little more than ‘a tanning salon for baguettes’, according to the Real Bread Campaign. Just how much bread is made elsewhere is revealed today in a ruling by the Advertising […]

Roofworld Comes True

Way back in 1988 I wrote my first novel, Roofworld, about disaffected youths living in rooftop communities. It’s taken 22 years, but it looks like that future has finally arrived. This is Dmitri Yermakov, 18. He’s part of a youth subculture that has taken shape in Moscow. Its adherents are called Roofers, and they gain […]

No Longer Fun To Stay There

The Youth Men’s Christian Association, the original Bible study group, was founded in London in 1844. Now the board of the organisation’s American branch announced that it will henceforth call itself by its common street name, “The Y”, unveiling a new logo as part of a major “brand revitalisation”. Presumably the Village People song actions […]

Keeping Out The Russians

I sold my house to Russians. They were a charming, erudite, stylish couple who overturned the received stereotype of shouty gold-laden gangsters and tarts. But, having visited Cyprus, an island decimated by the bad kind, where every other shop sells fur coats or is a lap-dancing club, I have a little sympathy with the town […]

It’s All Gone A Bit French

The English middle classes are in love with France. They eat the food, buy the houses and live the French life, until they get wind of how much it’s costing them. I did, too – but shedding my French connections has been, to put in mildly, a pain in the bum. French bureaucracy makes the […]

Getting ‘Stuff’ed